Hanshi:  Mike Foster

YIKA Founder:
Mike Foster


Hombu Dojo:
Titusville, Florida  USA

     Michael G. Foster, who is called “Sense” by his many students, is the founder and head of the Yoshukai International Karate Association, (A separated branch of Yoshukai karate).

     Mike Foster attained Nidan in Korean Judo while stationed in Korea in the early 1950’s, was then transferred to the Air Force Base near Fukuoka, Japan, where he studied karate under Sensei Watanabe, a Goju Ryu karate instructor who taught at the Itazuke Administration Annex base gym. Sensei Watanabe felt that Foster was a very promising student and recommended that he study with Mamoru Yamamoto, who at that time was studying Chito – Ryu karate under Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose's who was the founder of Chito-Ryu. Foster lived and studied in Yamamoto's Dojo,

     In 1962, Mamoru Yamamoto broke away from Chito – Ryu and founded Yoshukai Karate. Mike Foster stayed with Mamoru Yamamoto in the break away. Chitose was the one to give Yamamoto the name Yoshukai Karate (meaning School of Continuous Learning). In 1966, Mike Foster returned to the United States as a 4th Dan (4th degree black belt).

     Mike Foster was highly successful in starting Dojo’s in the United States, and in 1967, Mike Foster was named U.S. Officer of Yoshukai Karate. In 1969, Yamamoto sent Hiroyuki Koda to the United States to spread Karate and train others. In 1976, Mike Foster the Director of Yoshukai America broke away from Yamamoto's organization because of a disagreement with Hiroyuki Koda, Vice Director, in application of techniques and administration. Mike Foster stepped down and established the Yoshukai International Karate Association (YIKA) while Hiroyuki Koda was named the director of the U.S. Yoshukai Karate Association (USYKA) for Yamamoto. In 1989, Mike Foster was awarded by the courts the sole right to use the name "Yoshukai International Karate Association" (YIKA), where today he has over 1800 members and over 300 Black Belts throughout the World.

     Mike Foster received his 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Degrees under Dr. Tsuyoshi Chitose. In 1977, Mike Foster received his 7th Degree under Sensei Mamoru Yamamoto. In 2003, The Shihan and Renshi classes of The Yoshukai International Karate Association (YIKA) bestowed the rank of Ku-Dan, (9th Degree Black Belt) and the title Hanshi, (Master Instructor) to Mike Foster at a ceremony given on May 17, 2003 in Titusville, Florida.


Early Career

    Mike Foster was noted as a karate champion from the beginning of his career, and he is considered the premiere karate official in America.  Listed below is a brief view a his early accomplishment:

All-Service Karate Champion (Japan)

Southern All-Japan Champion

USKA Grand National Champion 1966-1968

Florida State Champion 1967-1975

Sponsored by West German Government to teach karate in West Germany

Euro-Cup European Karate Champion

Founding member of Canadian National Karate Association

Commissioner of the southeast Professional Karate Commission

Member of the Official Certification Committee of the AAU

Coach of the Amateur U.S. Team for World Championships in Europe and again in Long Beach, CA.


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