About Y.I.K.A. Mojave Branch

Yoshukai International Karate Association is an international organization of 1,800+ members in 7 countries with over 300 Black Belts. The Hombu Dojo is based in Titusville, Florida under Hanshi Michael G. Foster, 9th Dan. The YIKA Mojave Branch is operated by Stephen Ponting who is a student of Mike Foster and was trained by Ray Zaragoza Sr., and Ray Zaragoza Jr. Our branch is based in Mojave California serving 2 counties and 4 cities, with over 50+ members. We are in the process of expanding and bringing Yoshukai International Karate Association to other communities within our area.


The foundation of Yoshukai Karate is built on the art of "empty-hand-fighting". Punching, striking, kicking and blocking are the fundamental techniques that are reinforced by correct physical and physiological training principles. Students practice kata (forms) and kumite (free sparring) with emphasis on form, balance, timing, concentration of power, and speed. Additional training in oriental weaponry and advanced self-defense are provided for advancing students.   (information provided from our parent website www.theyoshukaikarate.com)

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